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Sephardic Tune for Mizmor LeDavid + Lecha Dodi

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Want to spice up your Shabbat experience?

Well if you do, you can try out this Sephardic/Mizrahi tune for Lecha Dodi and Mizmor LeDavid.

This is a great way to try something different during your Kabbalat Shabbat.

Learn the tune on YouTube at:

Or, click the video below:

Have a wonderful Shabbat! I know I will.

Sephardi Jews 1.1.1 is Now Available

Sephardi Jews 1.1.1 is now available. Don’t forget to update!

This update is only a minor one, only adding one new feature.

With 1.1.1 you will be able to listen to the tropes while in another app, at the lock screen, or outside the app. You can also play/pause the trope from the remote controls in the multitasking bar.

Thank you all for viewing my website and downloading my app. Keep spreading the word.

Right now we are at 8,222 views!

Sephardic Tefilah

If you have ever wanted to learn the Sephardic tune to any Tefilah prayer, then read this post.

From daily prayers to holiday prayers, the Sephardic Hazzanut website has every prayer you could ever want, and it is sung in the Sephardic tune.

If you want to have a better experience in Tefillah, then check out their website.

Here are some of my favorites:

Visit the Daily Tefillah section at:

Sephardi Jews 1.1 is Now Available

Sephardi Jews 1.1 is now available on the app store. Don’t forget to update.

Here’s what new:

★ Added iPhone 5 Support
★ Added iOS 6 Support
★ Fixed Minor Bugs
★ New Navigation Bar

Please spread the word.

Download/Update Here:

Tree of Knowledge

I received a school assignment to answer the following question.

Imagine and write one question that you think could be answered by eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Then explain why you think that God did not want humans to know the answer to that question. Your post must be at least four sentences long.

I spent so much time answering it, and wanted to share what I wrote with everyone who follows my blog. Even though my blog is mainly focused on Sephardi Jews, I am still going to post this.

My answer:

I think that if I eat the fruit from the tree, I will know the answer to the following question, “How are we supposed to live our daily Jewish lives?”. There are many guesses to this question, but I think that G-d doesn’t want us to know this answer because that is one thing that makes Judaism a living thing. When I say living thing, I mean an evolving religion. G-d doesn’t want us to know everything. Through the torah, G-d tells us some general things like respect your parents, or don’t steal. Those commandments are easily explained, just don’t steal from people, and respect your parents. But, what makes Judaism a living thing are the specific rules G-d commands us. For instance, Deuteronomy 6:5-9 states:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your being, and all your might. These words that I am commanding you today must always be on your minds. Recite them to your children. Talk about them when you are sitting around your house and when you are out and about, when you are lying down and when you are getting up. Tie them on your hand as a sign. They should be on your forehead as a symbol. Write them on your house’s doorframes and on your city’s gates.”

This is so specific. G-d doesn’t emphasize or specify tying them as much as not stealing or respecting your parents, but we still have to study it and understand it like all commandments from G-d. Being a Jew isn’t always about doing the obvious, you have to interpret the commandment. We wear tefillin because the ancient rabbis tell us we should literally and physically tie something on our hand, and wear something on our forehead. It does not say in the bible (commanded by G-d) to wrap leather straps, or wrap it as a box (the leather and box is just interpreted). It only says to tie something. We don’t know what that something is, the rabbis had to interpret what it could mean, and still even after many years ago when the rabbis decided the leather, we still have a debate on wether this is what G-d was trying to tell us to do. If we ate the apple we would know how and why we should wrap our Tefillin. This is not what G-d wants us to do. G-d wants to question what he asks and consult with other people what we should do.
By making these rules specific, more questions arise and debates occur.I truly believe this is why G-d didn’t want us to eat the apple. G-d wants Judaism to be something more than the ordinary, a mystery.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave comments below.

P.S We just hit 4,000 views on our website. Thank you all for reading my posts!

Download our iPhone App!

Finally the day has come.

Throughout the summer, I have been working on creating an app for It includes so many things, and introduces new features that aren’t even on the website yet.

Description of the app:

★ Learn Sephardic customs and the Sephardic traditions
★ Direct feed to which includes many Sephardic customs to spice up your holiday or daily Jewish life
★ Listen to exquisite Sephardic songs and melodies
★ Learn Sephardic Torah tropes, so you can read from the Torah the Sephardic way
★ Learn how to wrap Tefillin the Sephardic way
★ Tefilat HaDerech for travelers is included in the app

You may have read that you can learn Sephardic Torah tropes. Yup. With the Sephardi Jews app, you can learn how to read the Torah the Sephardic way!

Audio is included from Cantor Gastón. Visit his website at:

Download the app today.

And to show your support to, please give a rating or write a review on the app page.

Link to download app:


Search for Sephardi Jews on the App Store

Watch the promo video:

Sephardic Shema

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Here is another way to make your davening experience more Sephardic! I just found this awesome Sephardic Shema which you can pray to yourself when you are davening yourself, or you can sing it all together with your congregation.

Make sure you send it to your friends. Maybe they will like it too.


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